Pencil on Paper

Artist Statment

Many scientific disciplines find their roots in the visual arts. For example, the foundation of modern chemistry is largely due to knowledge gained from the artist’s need to extract pigments and dyes. Many well-known artists from history were better known in life as innovative scientific thinkers and engineers. Therefore, it is no surprise that many modern scientists find themselves attracted to traditional artistic expression that requires an advance understanding of mathematics, physics, and anatomy, as well as traditional drawing and painting techniques.

Christopher P. Reinhardt is a contemporary realist painter who is rooted in the technical traditions of the past. Independent of the many lessons provided by his wife, Dr. Reinhardt is largely self-taught. His art focuses mainly on figurative works. As an educated theoretical physicist, the high degree of problem-solving necessary to develop a successful portrait or figurative work is what attracts Dr. Reinhardt to this style of art. Every painting is different and is therefore a continual learning process.